The Home of Fish 'N' Chips

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At Cicerello’s we have spent over 100 years fortifying fish ‘n’ chips. Founded by fishing pioneers, we carry their ethos and spirit into every unique experience that we share with our customers.

When visiting a Cicerello’s restaurant we welcome you to discover the unique stories that we have carefully curated, from iconic WA memorabilia to the traditional menu that heroes produce.

Hosting WA’s largest private free aquariums, our customers can explore marine life whilst dining in or as they sit along the harbour. Located in Fremantle’s Fishing Boat Harbour and on the Mandurah foreshore, our two establishments take you to the edge of the ocean with a fully immersive experience. Whether you’re joining us for traditional fish ‘n’ chips, a full seafood platter or coffee and cake, we want every visit to feel like home.

We work to create experiences that connect us, providing an opportunity to create memories through sharing. We encourage everyone to join us in sharing a meal, an experience, our history and their stories. Sharing is what has defined Cicerello’s in the past and will continue to unite us in the future.

This is sharing pioneered.

Original Fremantle Location

Cicerello’s has been an iconic Fremantle destination since its founding in 1903.

Whilst we have grown and evolved over the years, we are still famous for our traditional fish ‘n’ chips. Today, on any visit you can also enjoy a selection of fried or grilled delicacies, including fresh local fish that is hand cut onsite, local lobster, crabs, prawns and even abalone.

A Cicerello's experience is so much more than fish ‘n’ chips. We’re home to WA's largest private free aquariums which we invite you to explore. We also provide a range of activities for kids and encourage diners to soak up the amazing atmosphere of the Fishing Boat Harbour.

Cicerello's Fremantle is open from 9am - 8:30pm everyday for dine in and take-away.

Cicerello's Mandurah Restaurant

Cicerello’s has been an iconic eatery since its founding in 1903, offering a wide selection of amazing seafood in a relaxing atmosphere.

On any visit to Cicerello’s Mandurah, you can enjoy a wide variety of options, from traditional fish ‘n’ chips to premium grilled fish, or a selection of local seafoods including crayfish, crabs, prawns and much more.

A Cicerello’s experience is so much more than fish ‘n’ chips. With a breakfast menu, delicious coffee and cake from the cafe, homemade ice cream, waffles and specialty desserts, Cicerello’s Mandurah allows you to share the moments that matter with friends and family at any time of the day.