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School Excursions

At Cicerello's, the students are free to observe the aquariums, which hold more than 20,000 litres of water and house many local marine animals in near to their natural environments as possible. Our Tropical Aquarium is extremely popular and is a visual diversity of colours and textures. Come and see the Clownfish "Nemo" interacting with the anemones and his friends.

After walking around the aquariums and observing the fish, students are then seated at tables near the aquariums for a talk about the animals in the aquarium - from deadly Lionfish to colourful Starfish and from Sharks to Sea Horses and everything in-between. Students then participate in a 'hands-on Touch Pool' encounter with our more tolerant marine animals like Port Jackson Sharks, Starfish, Sea Cucumbers, and more.

They then join our Aquarium Manager for a Beach Combing exercise along Bather's Beach, only metres from Cicerello's (weather and time dependant). Here the students locate and identify debris washed ashore - sponges, seaweeds, sea urchins, shells, corals and sea grasses are all a common find.

The students then gather, with our Aquarium Manager, to identify and classify the group's collection and find from where it originates. Marine pollution is discussed and the effect it has on the marine environment is explained. If the weather is not suitable, and time is available, an optional worksheet can be provided where, depending on the age group, they either pick their favourite creature from the aquarium and draw it, or complete a question and answer sheet about the marine animals (assisted by our Aquarium Manager). You will need to bring pencils if this option is taken.

Students will then have lunch in the restaurant.


Depending on age of children and package taken
  • Excursion is only available if eating at Cicerello’s.
  • The price does not include transport costs.
  • The price is inclusive of lunch from the excursion menu.


Tour is designed to suit:
  • Kindergarten
  • Pre-School to Year 10 and Visually, Hearing, Mentally & Physically impaired children


Usually approx 2 hours which includes lunch, but tours can be tailor made to your time restraints.


  • Aquarium observation and talk
  • Touch pool
  • Beachcombing
  • Lunch in the Restaurant

Number of Teachers or Supervising persons required

School requirements

Availability of Excursion

Monday to Friday - Start Times are 10am or 11am for the Aquarium Tour and then lunch.


Prior booking is essential.  Please call us Monday to Friday during office hours to arrange an excursion.

Other Conditions

  • It is the responsibility of the Teachers, Parents or Carers to request a list of food ingredients if seafood allergies exist for anyone attending. If you are unsure of the safety of the student that has the allergy, please arrange another meal or for them to bring their own food (please advise us).
  • The Aquarium Manager reserves the right to change excursion activities on the day, depending on the weather and / or time constraints.
  • We understand that children get excited on excursions, but due to other customers dining in the restaurant, it is imperative that teachers, parents and carers keep students’ noise to an absolute minimum.